Low-power selector devices

Cross-point memory device structure has recently been attracted considerable attention as the future device technology. However, the undesired sneak currents originated from low-resistance state of ReRAM cells may induce sensing errors and high power consumption. To solve this problem, it is necessary to use switch devices that can turn active devices on and off effectively. For this purpose, high on/off current selectivity with ultra-low off-current and high on-current is required. Here, we report a novel switch behavior with over 109 selectivity, a high on-current density of 1 MA cm-2, an ultra-low off-current density of 1 mA cm-2, excellent thermal stability up to 250 °C and abrupt turn-on with 5 mV per decade in solution-processed silver-doped zinc oxide thin films. The selection behavior is attributed to light doping of silver ions in zinc oxide films during electrochemical deposition to generate atomic-scale narrow conduction paths, which can be formed and ruptured at low voltages.